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Kanyshai Osmonova

Kanyshai Osmonova

Flutter Mobile Developer
Almaty, Алматы


О Kanyshai Osmonova:

Hey there! I'm a Flutter developer looking for an internship or junior-level position to kick-start my career in mobile app development. I'm extremely excited about applying my skills and knowledge in a professional setting and growing as a developer.

I'm passionate about Flutter and its ability to create stunning cross-platform applications with ease. I've spent a lot of time mastering the framework and its widget system, which allows me to build visually appealing user interfaces and deliver seamless user experiences.

I understand the importance of gaining real-world experience, and that's why I'm actively seeking opportunities to work alongside experienced professionals. I believe that learning from their expertise and contributing to actual projects will be instrumental in my growth as a developer.

I'm well-versed in various aspects of Flutter development, including state management, API integration, testing, and debugging. I'm also familiar with the vast ecosystem of Flutter plugins and packages, which allows me to leverage existing solutions to accelerate development and deliver high-quality applications.

I'm a quick learner and pay great attention to detail. I believe that my strong problem-solving skills, combined with my passion for Flutter, make me a great fit for an internship or junior-level role. I'm eager to make a meaningful impact and contribute to exciting projects in the mobile app development industry.

If given the opportunity, I'm confident that I can bring my enthusiasm, dedication, and technical expertise to the table. I'm ready to take on new challenges, learn from experienced professionals, and grow both personally and professionally.

Опыт работы

While I may lack professional experience, I am a quick learner and have a strong desire to gain real-world experience. I am eager to work alongside experienced professionals who can guide me and help me develop my skills. I am confident that my enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for Flutter will allow me to contribute effectively to any project.


I have pursued my education in ITSchool Megacom, where I gained a solid foundation in various aspects of software development. Alongside my formal education, I have also complemented my learning by enrolling in online courses that specifically focused on Flutter development.

Attending ITSchool Megacom provided me with a comprehensive understanding of computer science principles, programming languages, and software engineering concepts. Through the curriculum, I acquired the fundamental skills necessary for a career in the IT industry.

In addition to my offline education, I have taken advantage of online courses to further enhance my expertise in Flutter development. These courses have enabled me to dive deeper into the intricacies of the framework, learn best practices, and stay updated with the latest advancements in Flutter technology.

Combining both offline and online learning experiences, I have cultivated a strong theoretical foundation and practical knowledge in Flutter. I am confident in my ability to apply these skills to real-world projects and adapt to the dynamic nature of the industry.

I am grateful for the educational opportunities I have had and I am eager to leverage my knowledge and continue learning in a professional environment. I am determined to contribute to innovative projects, collaborate with experienced professionals, and further enhance my skills as a Flutter developer.

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