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Mukhtar Koshkarov

Mukhtar Koshkarov

Financial Analyst/Financial Modeller.
Kazakhstan, Түркістан


О Mukhtar Koshkarov:

I have more than 18 years of work experience, most of which were in financial analysis and financial modelling.  During my time working for National Oil Company in Kazakhstan, I have completed many complex tasks within various evaluation projects.  Among them I would like to mention  implementation of intellectual oil fields,, construction of sea water desalination plant, bitumen plant optimal tariff evaluation, etc.  Besides these specific projects, I have also successfully performed a large number of exploration and production evaluation projects.  Due to geological risks, the assessment of exploration projects has been conducted by applying probabilistic approach to risk assessment using various applicable methods.  It is important to mention, that most of the mentioned projects have gone through the relevant investment committees and have been successfully approved and implemented.

I also have contributed significantly to a number of M&A projects in Kazakhstan that ended up with signing of sales-purchase agreements.    During this projects I have closely worked with various investment banks and due diligence advisers. 

Working closely on the variety of specific projects with highly qualified specialists, I have gained invaluable experience in solving problems in teamwork.   Needless to say that strong analytical and financial modelling skills are some of my traits that help me to prove my worth for employers. 

Therefore, I believe that my ability to work effectively in a team coupled with my aptitude for making accurate and creative analysis would help me thrive and add value to your company.

Опыт работы

  • Development of financial models for current and perspective capital investment projects, business planning and debt financing;
  • Preparation of budget and long-term plans;
  • Calculation cost of goods sold by product type, defined break-even level, optimal level of production;
  • Carrying out calculations for material and labor costs required for the production and sale of products;
  • Conduction of analysis of the economic activities of the enterprise and its divisions, identifying production growth potential and cost optimization possibilities. 



Truman State University (MO, USA), Bachelor of Finance (2003)

CFA Institute - Passed CFA Level I exam (2008)

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