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Sidar Abduraliyev

Sidar Abduraliyev

Drilling Data Engineer & Well Construction Analyst
Aqtaū, Батыс Қазақстан Облысы


О Sidar Abduraliyev:

My objective is to extend my knowledge and experience in Oil and Gas operations (well operations (Drilling and Completion, Well Control, Intervention), facilitites engineering such as Process risk or Technical Safety). To get worlwide experience to apply it in Kazakhstan.

Опыт работы

Main experience in Well Drilling and Comletion. HSE Experience in well workover operations. Good knwoledge of downhole tools (DD, Packers, TRSCSSSVs, Sliding Sleeves, Landing nipples and plugs redress). Well Control 4. Technical safety. Wellsite geology. 


Bachelor of Oil and Gas business, specialization is Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields, GPA-3,72 of 4. 

In total five Tech Schools, three of them in France and two in UAE. 

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